What is the CEC? 

  • The Community Engagement Committee (CEC) is a committee of the LCMCS Board of Directors.

Who is the CEC? 

  • The CEC is YOU, the families at our school. A leadership team made up of at least 4 active volunteers keeps the CEC moving forward.  The CEC welcomes your involvement at any level.

What is the purpose of the CEC?

  • Our mission is to bring our community together, to engage our families through service and volunteering, to support the entire LCMCS staff by expressing appreciation on behalf of our families, and to help with the school’s overall fundraising efforts.  

How do we achieve this mission?

  • Bringing our community together.  We host several low cost and free events throughout the year to connect our families and build a sense of community.  For example, we organize the Boo Ball, Community Dinners, game nights, restaurant nights, and movie ticket sales. 
  • Service & volunteering.  We are run entirely by volunteers and provide and encourage many opportunities to be of service to our community throughout the year.
  • Staff appreciation.  The CEC provides coffee, cream & sugar all year to the LCMCS staff in the lounge. We plan and provide staff with snacks during conferences and serve a few meals during in-service days.     
  • Fundraising.  The CEC helps with the fall & spring run-raisers (Runtober & Spring In Our Step) and the school’s large winter or spring annual fundraising event. These events are large community events and raise needed gap-bridging funds for our school. 

How does the CEC fund its mission?

  • Boxtops, Bottle Drop, movie sales and low cost or suggested donation events like Boo Ball provide the funds needed for the CEC to carry out its mission.

How can I be more involved? 

  • Attend our next CEC meeting, they are always held at the school.after dropoff on the second friday of the month.
  • Or attend a CEC coffee hour, which occurs at the school.after dropoff on the third friday of the month.
  • Feel free to email Stephany Lo (SLo@lcmcs.org) if you have something specific you would like to help with, or if you have any questions.
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