Our first all-school assembly is coming up on September 27th. It will incorporate the “spirit of wisdom day,” which has been a tradition at Lewis and Clark and other Montessori Schools. Read more to learn about the purpose of our new “all-school” assembly and how things have changed a bit from previous years.

The intention behind implementing regular all-school assemblies is to develop a feeling of unity and a positive school culture among the students and staff.  Simply put, gathering together strengthens the way a school works.  Whether singing a song together, watching a performance by fellow students or a special interest topic (remember the “Reptile Guy” when you were a kid?), our goal is to create camaraderie, ignite school spirit and help instill students with a sense of belonging.

Children can be significantly influenced by the life lessons they learn from school assemblies.  It’s a prime opportunity to teach lessons in diversity, accountability, leadership, and responsibility. Gathering together in a large group is also a great time for teaching and reinforcing self-control and appropriate social behavior in our community. During assemblies, students will be asked to sit quietly, listen attentively, and participate appropriately when necessary. These skills are valuable both inside and outside of the classroom and school. Of course, we will make accommodations for our diversity of individual students who are developing these skills.

School assemblies are also great places to build interest in extra-curricular activities.  By introducing school activities in this way, the children soon realize that school is about more than classroom work.  School is also a great place to participate in fun activities with friends, and even make some new ones by participating in cross country, leaning to knit or playing D & D.

Our first all-school assembly will introduce the concept of these group gatherings but also recognize a significant event common to Montessori school environments – Wisdom Day.  Wisdom Day is a tradition carried out in Montessori schools throughout the United States and different countries throughout the world.  This ceremony is typically celebrated within the first days or weeks of school as a custom meant to welcome the youngest children into the school and to honor the right and advantage we all have to an education.

Note: Since students are still getting accustomed to new surroundings, we will do a modified introduction to Wisdom Day during our assembly.  We ask that parents please wait and join us next year as we continue the tradition of kicking off our school year with the circle of support in reaffirming your values regarding the importance of education in your children’s lives.