All our families commit to volunteering a minimum of 40 hours during the school year as part of the enrollment process. This commitment can be met in many ways, including working with students in the classroom, making classroom materials, chaperoning field trips, assisting with special events, working on school clean up days and fundraising events, assisting with art and music projects, or other areas such as bus stop monitoring and library organization. A list of current volunteer needs is included in the weekly news, and you may receive emails detailing immediate needs the school has.


Everyone who volunteers at Lewis & Clark Montessori completes a Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement, and volunteers who will be in contact with students must consent to a background check (paid for by the school). This protects all our students. Volunteers who will be driving students on school business (field trips) must complete an Auto Insurance Information Form and keep a copy of current license and insurance on file in the office. Volunteers and visitors are always asked to sign in at the office and wear a volunteer or visitor tag prior to entering classrooms.


Monetary or Material/Supply donations can also count towards your hours at the rate of $20 per hour of service. This includes donations to the Annual Fund as well as the value of items you have donated for school events, such as the auction, as long as you purchased the items. Please include receipts if possible. If not possible, please estimate to the best of your knowledge the monetary worth of your donation.


Parent/Teacher Conferences, Parent Education nights, PTO participation, and School Event participation all count towards your 40 hour family volunteer commitment. Overnight field trips are logged at 12 hours per night. For example, if the trip runs from October 12th-14th (two nights), you could log 24 total hours of volunteer time.