The Silent Journey & Discovery

An Event for Adults to Experience What their Children get at Lewis & Clark Montessori

February 1st (6-8 pm) and 2nd (8:30am – ending in lunch until 12:30 pm) 2019. 
(It is required that participants attend both the Friday evening and Saturday morning sessions of this event.)

Click here to download the flyer.

There is a maximum of 25 spots for this event and there is currently a wait list.  To be included in the lottery,  please sign up for this event by emailing Tami at or Alex at

Have you ever wondered what Montessori looks like through the eyes of your child? 

The Silent Journey and Discovery experience is designed to allow you to view and interact with the Montessori environment through the eyes of a child, because, you get to be the child!

It is our parent Education event of the year.

In order to better understand and appreciate the developmental nature of the Montessori method, LCMCS campus will offer a unique experience for up to 25 parents called, “Silent Journey & Discovery.”  

On Friday evening, you will start out with dropping off your children in the gym to well-planned activities by our lovely assistant.  Then you will gather together for coffee & refreshments.

Afterward, we will prepare for silent observation at each classroom level starting with Primary and finishing with the MAC or middle school program. The following morning, you will return to the classrooms and get the opportunity to actively engage with Montessori lessons and materials.

Our aim is to help you experience what makes this method so engaging, child-centered and so complimentary to how children learn.  You will experience such academic areas as mathematics, geometry, grammar, geography, history, art, music, botany, zoology and chemistry.

We will end the Saturday discovery session with a delicious LCMCS lunch together and the opportunity to reflect and ask questions with parents and staff, while your children are enjoying themselves with planned activities and snacks.  Please sign up for this event by emailing Tami at or Alex at  

Are you curious to know what your child does in a Montessori Classroom each day?

Do you want to experience receiving a lesson from a Montessori Guide?

Have you ever wanted to listen to one of the elementary stories or  “Great Lesson?”

Do you wonder how all the “toys” are being used to teach reading, writing and arithmetic to your child?

Do you wonder if the freedoms enjoyed by children in a Montessori classroom interfere with their educational preparation?

Do you want to know how a lesson like washing a table or sorting objects in Kindergarten leads to advanced algebra or the ability to understand and construct complex sentences and write essays?

Do you want to know how freedom in a Montessori classroom can lead students to the ability to accept responsibility for themselves and to choose how they will be in the world?

Do you wonder what leaf rubbings have to do with understanding and supporting the interdependencies of life on our planet?

If any of these resonate with you, sign up now to be in our lottery for our first Silent Journey and Discovery Event for Parents in February.