A hands-on parent education event for you to explore and learn about your child’s Montessori classroom experience at LCMCS.

Friday, March 6th (6-8:15 pm)
Saturday, March 7th (8:30am-12:30 pm)

You can be a Montessori kid for a day!

  • Explore the classroom academic environment and learn how to work with Montessori materials.
  • Be part of a social group of parents, just like your kids are part of their classroom social group everyday.
  • Remember what it is like to be a child.
  • “Enlightening”; “Engaging & Purposeful”; “Eye-opening; amazed by the talent of those teaching our kids.” — Comments from some of last year’s attendees.

Our aim

  • to help you gain a greater understanding of what makes the Montessori method so engaging, child-centered and complementary to how children learn.  This experience will help you to better support your child(ren)’s work and education.

Admission: $25 for one adult and $40 for two.

  • Includes lunch (Saturday), snacks and childcare (for any enrolled LCMCS child).
  • Space is limited to 26 adults so register early.
  • Attendance on both days is required.

The Schedule

On Friday evening, you will start out by dropping off your children (if they’re with you) in the gym to well planned activities by our assistants Keith, Laurel & Steffan.  Then attendees will gather together for an orientation, coffee & refreshments.  Lastly, you will be a part of silent observation at each classroom level starting with Primary and finishing with the MAC or middle school program.

On Saturday morning, you will return to the classrooms and get the opportunity to actively engage with Montessori lessons and materials as you would if you were a child in that classroom. We will end the discovery session with a delicious LCMCS lunch together and the opportunity to reflect and ask questions with parents and staff.

Questions?  Email Tami: tokinsella@lcmcs.org or Alex: info@lcmcs.org

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