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Living Our Mission: A unique voice in the educational community

Lewis & Clark Montessori “fosters healthy human development and a life-long love of learning in our community by providing a holistic approach to education.” These are words we live by every day. Students, staff and families join together daily to create our crackling community that grows and learns together. From the core up, we provide a high-quality Montessori program to students from preschool all the way through middle school We are also a non-profit organization that attracts and serves our community. Through programs like Helping Hands we provide food for families in need. Our senior lunch program provides community and social connection as well as a meal. When Lewis & Clark Montessori nurtures the whole child, we help build capable, creative, peaceful, and resilient people for a world sorely in need of such citizens. By dedicating ourselves to this task we are teaching so much more than how to pass a test; we are helping our future leaders prepare for the true tests in life.


The Problem

Schools need money, it’s not a secret. Yet public education funds are shrinking, and schools in many districts are slashing programs to make their budgets work. Music and arts programs get condensed or cut altogether. As do extracurricular activities like sport and science clubs. Even lunch and recess times are dwindling away. Despite careful planning, many schools’ programs are hurting, compromising the potential of our growing children.


The Proactive Solution

Fortunately, at Lewis & Clark Montessori, we really know how to stretch a dollar. Not only do we have a robust (and expanding!) music and arts selection, we refuse to compromise on the elements that are necessary to healthy, thriving children.


Things like a unique school food program that nourishes growing children with good meals made fresh every day. Like an actual, long recess time to play new games with friends. Like educational settings that are rich in inviting materials that call to the students to learn more and more.


When you donate to our school, you’re supporting a vibrant organization that accepts no shortcuts to creating the brightest possible future for our entire community. In short, you make the work we do possible.


But aren’t charter schools supported by public education funds? 

Yes, but…


Here’s the bottom line: It costs $7,200 to educate one child at Lewis & Clark Montessori for one year. That’s for each of our 380+ enrolled students. This school year, the Oregon Department of Education State Education Fund will contribute about $5,700 per child to our program. This means that we need to raise $1,500 per child this year to give our students the support they need to flourish.


Your gift to the Meriwether Fund underwrites all aspects of our program. Large or small, here’s how your contribution makes a big difference in a child’s day:


  • $75 – provides pencils for one month
  • $125 – one day of bus service
  • $300 – one day of rent in our facility
  • $600 – one day of student electives – music, world languages, theater arts, and more
  • $1,200 – 5 new ChromeBooks for student use
  • $1,500 – fills “the gap” for one child for the year
  • $2,500 – provides 3 school days of educational materials for all students
  • $5,000 – one day of teacher compensation, school-wide


Sustain Our Beautiful Prospering Community


Now, you have the opportunity to be a leader in our vibrant and growing community.


With your financial support of Lewis & Clark Montessori, you will safeguard the stability of this learning community by ensuring the continuation, growth and independence of our organization and programs. Your generous gift keeps our organization strong and allows us to offer all the programs and services our students love and depend on.

You are investing in the future by helping to cultivate the leaders of tomorrow.

Please support our community today.