As a non-profit organization and public charter school, Lewis & Clark Montessori is supported by funds from our community and from the State of Oregon. But State funds do not entirely cover the cost of delivering the best Montessori program for your children.

It costs approximately $7,200 to educate one child at Lewis & Clark Montessori for one year. This school year, the Oregon Department of Education State Education Fund contributes about $5,700 per child to our program. This difference of $1,500 per child is why we must fundraise to give our students the support they need to flourish.

With your financial support, you will safeguard the stability of this learning community by ensuring the continuation, growth, and independence of our organization and programs. Your generous gift keeps our organization strong and allows us to offer all the programs and services our students love and depend on.

You are investing in the future by helping to cultivate the leaders of tomorrow. Please support our community today! All donations to Lewis & Clark Montessori, a 501(c)3 organization, are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowable by the law.

Living Our Mission Together 

Lewis & Clark Montessori “fosters healthy human development and a life-long love of learning in our community by providing a holistic approach to education.” These are words we live by every day. Students, staff and families join together daily to create our crackling community that grows and learns together.

All of the students at the Lewis and Clark Montessori Public Charter School experience a robust Montessori program daily. Well-trained and experienced staff, and beautiful, prepared environments tailored to your child’s growth and development fuel this experience. Of course, there is a cost to running such a special place.

From the core up, we provide a high-quality Montessori program to students from preschool all the way through middle school. We are also a non-profit organization that attracts and serves our community. When Lewis & Clark Montessori nurtures the whole child, we help build capable, creative, peaceful, and resilient people for a world sorely in need of such citizens.  Our students, with our help, are becoming the future leaders and change-makers of tomorrow.

That’s why the full engagement of our entire community in annual fundraising is necessary to sustain and improve our program.

There are three major ways you can participate in each school year:

  • Meriwether Fund (Annual Fund)]
  • Runraisers: Runtober (Fall) & Spring In Our Step (Spring)
  • Spring Fundraising Gala