by Scarlett Bowen (Celilo)

When I found the salamander, it took me a second to see it because it was all brown and it blends in with its surroundings.  I first found it on the school sidewalk in the morning as I was walking to go inside from parent drop off. It was brown all over and its eyes were like cartoon eyes.  They looked like they were really big and sparkly. I did not touch the salamander because I was nervous about if I would hurt it, what it would do and how it would feel.  This was really cool because I have never seen a salamander out of water. I have caught many newts at Lost Lake though. Newts are a kind of salamander. I told my parents all about my find when I got home!

Facts about Salamanders from the World Book Encyclopedia: 

  • Harmless animals related to frogs and toads but they look like lizards.  
  • They are amphibians so they can breath in water and air.
  • Like cold, wet and dark places.
  • Live everywhere except Antarctica and Australia.
  • Some species are hillbenders, mudpuppies, and newts.
  • Newts are a kind of salamander. 
  • Most are only a few inches long but the Chinese Giant Salamander can be 6 feet long.
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