Dear Lewis & Clark Montessori Families,

Runtober is a special fundraiser that actively engages our entire student body and affirms healthy habits for our students and our school. Generosity, team spirit, and caring for yourself and others are part and parcel of your child’s experience at Lewis & Clark Montessori.

A natural extension of these values, Runtober is an exciting and healthy community event held outdoors on a school day in the fall. Runtober will return to somewhat normal this year and be held school wide as a one day event on Thursday, October 6th. Our youngest students will run and move together in the morning and our elementary and MAC students will run and move in the afternoon.

The fundraising side of Runtober relies on students reaching out to their extended community for support. Let’s throw the net wide. Encourage aunts, uncles, neighbors, family friends, cousins, businesses, and your parents co-workers to pledge their support for you and your school. Here’s a sample script to help you reach out and ask for support:

“Hi, this is______________. My school, Lewis & Clark Montessori, is having a fundraising event to get us moving and to support the great things we do at school. I hope to actively move for more than 60 minutes during this event! Would you please sponsor me either with a flat donation or with an amount per lap or 5 minute active period I complete?”

Collectively, our goals are to actively move our bodies over 20,000 minutes and complete 2,500 laps and raise over $20,000. Set your individual lap/movement and fundraising goals and start collecting pledges online today! If needed, a pledge sheet is attached here.

If every student secures 10 sponsors at $10 per sponsor, we will raise over $30,000 for our school! Students who raise $100 or more will earn a special Runtober event t-shirt as a thank-you.The funds we raise are vital to keeping our school healthy and this year are going directly towards developing and improving our outdoor work and play spaces. You are key to helping us meet our goals and make our school better.

Click here to volunteer for this event. Please email Peter @ for more information.

Parents, siblings, grandparents, alumni, and friends are always welcome to move and raise with us. We look forward to every student and their families getting active and connecting with ourcommunity by participating in Runtober 2022.

Thank you!

Peter Jensen
Director of Operations
Lewis & Clark Montessori Charter School