The Meriwether Fund represents the biggest and most important part of our annual fundraising picture.  Many of our supporters join the Circle of Champions by giving monthly. This allows them to budget their monthly expenses and provides a dependable and vital source of funding for an organization they believe in.

Your participation in the Meriwether Fund is critical to our sustainability.  Every family that contributes annually $1 a day or $30 per month will make a big difference this year.  Participation at a level that works for you is vital. Make your tax-deductible gift now.

Giving Tuesday on December 3rd raised $3,365 from 27 donors towards the Meriwether Fund.  Reaching our Giving Tuesday goal of $10,000 will add an additional $2,500 thanks to a goal reaching match.   This will significantly move the needle in our student’s favor. You can participate in Giving Tuesday here.

These critical general funds help to bridge the difference between what it costs to operate our school and what we receive from the State of Oregon. This gap is large, and we are very careful about how we allocate our precious resources. In short, the better we are able to fill this gap, the more thoroughly we can live our mission. 

Here are just some of the expenses the Meriwether Fund can help cover this year:

  • Improvements to the primary playground
  • Montessori materials for classrooms
  • Continuing Education & Training for our staff
  • Technology for classrooms & staff (Chromebooks, computers, walkie talkies)
  • Technology for improving efficiency & communication (Upgraded copiers & a new phone system)
  • School Sign
  • Landscaping

Your donated time and funds help to create the vibrant, dynamic, and attentive learning environments you want for our children. Because of you we can continue to prioritize the growth, development, and education of our 400 students every day. 

Thank you for giving to something close to your heart.  In turn, we promise to pay it forward into our student’s future, and the world they will help to create.

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