LCMCS is pleased to welcome author, teacher, and lawyer, Shari Lane, as the volunteer instructor for our new young writers club!

Writing has always been part of Shari’s life: her first “full length” novel, written when she was in 6th grade, starred guinea pigs who turned into slippers by day, and back into guinea pigs at night.

She has also always cared deeply about education. Shari graduated from the University of Oregon Honors College with degrees in Comparative Literature and Classics (Latin and Greek), and went on to teach Latin to middle school students. Later, she was the director of a Montessori preschool. And Shari is currently the Board Chair for the Oregon Child Development Coalition, providing Head Start for the children of migrant farmworkers.

Family is also very important to Shari. She is the mother of two wonderful adult children – there are no grandchildren on the horizon yet! Her daughter, Amanda, was the main character in a children’s story that Shari  wrote (click here to check out her book, “The Unfairy Tale”).

Shari has continued writing stories for her and other children in her extended family.  But while Shari enjoys writing stories for children, much of her writing is for adults. Shari’s short stories have won awards or honorable mentions from Glimmertrain, Fish Publishing, the Oregon Writers Colony, and Writer’s Digest.

The opening paragarph of this biography probably tells you more about Shari than anything else we’ve mentioned so far – dreaming up adventures for magical guinea pigs was how Shari spent her childhood. During her time as a teacher, Shari met students who liked to write and just wanted some encouragement and a place to gather with “kindred spirits.”

After she moved to Oregon, Shari started a young writer’s club with her daughter and her friends. They met in a neighborhood bookstore and had a marvelous time sharing their stories. But those children grew up, and Shari went to law school, and that was that.

Shari is looking forward to working with young writers again, and we are fortunate to have her joining us at LCMCS!

Click here to learn more about Shari’s “Young Writers Club”.  Sign up soon! Space is limited!

Register before April 22nd to be included in the first session.

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