Below is an important message from Mahonia students who began fundraising for Ukraine prior to spring break.

If you are not aware there was an invasion of Ukraine. Many Ukrainains are fleeing Ukraine to find safety. Many civilians in Ukraine aren’t having their basic needs of water, food, and shelter being met. Many children and families are having an extremely hard time having to leave their homeland, due to an unprovoked invasion by Russia. This is a close to home topic because many people in our community have relations with people in Ukraine.

We are collecting funds to donate to the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund. To get the funds, LCMCS students have created unique art for us to sell in person during the school day and online. We will donate 100% of the funds we receive to Ukraine through GlobalGiving. We have raised over $500 so far! Our goal is to raise $1,000.

Visit our online store here.

With your help, GlobalGiving will supply Ukrainians in need with: shelter, food, clean water along with health and psychological support for refugees. They will also help Ukrainians have access to education and economic assistance.

We will be sending out a link to our online store once it is up and running. Thank you for your support!

Wy’East students are also taking steps to make a difference:

The past few weeks Wy’East students have been diligently working on care kits for Newcomers to the country, such as refugees from Ukraine, Russia, and Afghanistan. They are working with the Refugee Care Collective (local Portland organization) and also were inspired by the organization Welcome Blanket – which provides handmade blankets for Newcomer families. With GENEROUS donations from our Wy’East families, Wy’East have put together 22 ‘Personal Care Kits’ (TP, soap, toothbrushes, etc.) and 22 handmade fleece blankets and hand sewn quilt toppers! All the supplies will be delivered on Wednesday, 4/27, to the Refugee Care Collective, by students and parents of Wy’East. We are so grateful for this opportunity to serve others in need and to put our energies to work in care for others.

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