Enrollment Information and FAQs

Students enrolling in Kindergarten through 8th grade are welcome at LCMCS. The school promotes tolerance and does not discriminate on the basis of any cultural, racial, religious, socio-economic, lifestyle, or ability status. Currently, our students come from 13 different school districts in the surrounding area. The school also operates a fully-licensed fee-based preschool program.

Charter Schools are non-profit, independent, state-funded educational organizations that that provide an alternative curriculum delivery method, such as Montessori education. Charter schools are evaluated by their state-funded sponsor, often a school district, and operate with their own board of trustees and policies.

The Montessori Method is an experience-based educational curriculum that addresses the learning needs of the whole child. The learning environments are prepared to allow for independent and small-group work, freedom of movement, and social interaction. Students experience a wide variety of academic subjects and cultural material, and are guided in positive social interactions and self management. Subjects are integrated and the work becomes increasingly challenging and complex as the student moves through the program.

There are three lottery draws per year, after which there is open enrollment. Lottery deadlines are March 15 and May 1. Parents fill out and return an application form to the school. The applications received before the date of lottery are assigned a number. After the deadline, the numbers are drawn at random, and that determines the placement of the applicant on the wait list.

When there is an opening, the first student for that age on the wait list is offered a place at the school. The Office will contact the parent and a decision deadline will be set. By the school’s charter contract, enrollment priority is given to 1) siblings of currently enrolled students, 2) students from within Gresham-Barlow District, and 3) students from other Districts. Applicants are also enrolled by lottery draw: e.g. an out-of district applicant from the first (March 15) lottery would have priority over an in-district student from the May 1 lottery, etc.

Many questions or concerns may be answered by email or phone conversations with LCMCS, but we also encourage those parents whose child has been offered placement at LCMCS to visit the school in operation. You will be able to observe a classroom at work, and to meet with school enrollment personnel when you visit. Please schedule an observation time with the school office. Our observation schedule is very full, so please be aware that observation priority is given to those students who have been offered a placement, and particularly to those with a placement entering Kindergarten.

  • Bus service from central Gresham
  • Parent education opportunities and an active PTO
  • “Trails” Before and After School Care
  • Community Learning Center classes
  • Field trips and overnight experiences
  • Music education
  • Practical Spanish language experience
  • Sustainability education
  • Healthy food program
  • Service learning experience

The Gresham-Barlow School District provides a team of a Resource Materials Teacher and a Speech and Language Pathologist to the school. Services are provided to students with IEPs, and there is a full Student Assistance Team process to identify and serve the needs of students who may experience difficulties. Students who have 504 Plans and other IDEA-identified needs are also served by the school’s team. Note: students with an IEP who are potential new enrollees would be best served by scheduling a placement meeting with their current SpEd team.

There is a Montessori Resource fee that is paid before school starts each year, which is currently $300 for pre-school through 6th grade, and $400 for 7th and 8th grades. The school does fundraising to underwrite field trips and student events, but there is often an additional small fee for attendees to pay. The school has a reduction schedule for those students eligible for the NSLP Free and Reduced Lunch Program. There are also fees for other services, such as the Trails before and after school program, or for classes through the Community Learning Center.

Like all Oregon Charter Schools, LCMCS operates on a very limited, state-fixed income to provide its excellent program. Therefore, families need to be aware that the school relies on the school community’s cooperation in pitching in to maximize every dollar and create effective alternate revenue streams to ensure success and sustainability. Fundraising events are an important part of school life, and families are expected to participate in some way during the year. Each family is expected to give 40 hours of Service to the Community (STOC) and there are a wide variety of opportunities to fulfill these hours. Over the years of the school’s operation, families report that fulfilling these expectations bring them closer to the school community and helps them feel connected to and a sense of ownership in the school. We make this school a strong, vibrant organization by working together.

The school’s administrative staff is experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable and you can call or email to make an appointment to get your questions or concerns addressed.