Did you know all our Primary through Older Elementary classrooms have a Classroom Ambassador?  Sometimes the Classroom Ambassador is a team of volunteers.

Classroom Ambassadors volunteer to coordinate classroom help, class community activities and class participation in school wide events throughout the school year. 

These super volunteers are classroom parent leaders.  They work directly with classroom guides and assistants to meet any immediate or long term classroom needs.  In addition, they help connect classroom families and are a point of contact for classroom events and projects.  Classroom ambassadors encourage and coordinate volunteerism from classroom parents. They also help to reach out and welcome new families into their classrooms and the school in general.  

See who your Classroom Ambassador is and what things your class has signed up for on the table below.

Look for future emails from your Classroom Ambassadors in you inbox. 


ClassroomAmbassador(s)Event Host/SupportAuction Art ProjectAuction Gift Basket
CeliloCatherine DeSantis (Jack)Boo Ball FoodStamp artTBD
ColumbiaJohn & Jenn Loehrer (Finnley) Tasia Allen (Milo) and Evan & Jamie Dobbs (Felicity)Holiday OvernightPlant starts Pet
MahoniaAshley Helmstetter (Remy) and Tiffany Kallgren (Victoria)Fall Movie TicketsGame tableGames
Oregon TrailMarcella Martinson (Amelia)Book Fair String artGardening
OspreyKimberly Betts (Elliot)Restaurant NightGreeting cardsSports
PacificKristen Ellis (Azaria) and Pam Harkin (Charlotte)Restaurant NightQuiltArt & Craft
PDHCongxiao Bauer (Samantha) and Tessa Ingram (Aizik)Book FairWood painting Weird Oregon
SacajaweaNaomi Rasmussen (Vivian)Year End PicnicCookbookRainy day
Sea OtterDana Stroud (Svea) and Kelly McCollum (Alexander)Explore Art FoodHeart pictureWine
WillowKittie Chow (Hazel)  and Tiffany Kallgren (Alexander)Spring Movie TicketsClay sceneSelf care
Wy’eastCatherine DeSantis (Shamus) and Kim Hunt (Ashlynn)Year End Ice Cream SocialEarth & space paintingMovie
  1. Plant starts
  2. Bread
  3. Sweets
  4. Yummies
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