Recycle your eligible cans and bottles
AND donate the bottle deposits to LCMCS!

How to support LCMCS with BottleDrop: 

  1. Use the LCMCS bar coded blue BottleDrop bags to collect your cans and bottles that have a 10 cent deposit on them.  
  2. You can get blue bags from the office, school staff, a container located at the front of the school and at events. 
  3. Return full bags to your nearest Bottle Drop location (1313 E Powell Blvd.) or drop off at LCMCS during drop off/pick up or on special drop days. 

Included: All items you pay a bottle deposit on (listed on the bottle label). Examples are: soda, beer, water, individually packaged coffee, sports drinks, hard cider, kombucha, some juices.

NOT Included: Wine bottles, infant formula, milk jugs, meal replacement drinks, tin cans, glass jars, regular recycling or trash

IMPORTANT: to avoid additional fees or a loss of money in our account, please make sure each full bag:

  • ONLY contains the included deposit only items listed above.
  • is relatively clean and not full of dirt or leaves.
  • weighs less than 20lbs.
  • does not contain any crushed cans.