The Lewis & Clark Montessori Charter School Board of Directors

Lewis & Clark Montessori Charter School is organized as a nonprofit organization under the laws of Oregon under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of the U.S. As such, the school is managed by a Board of Directors.

SPECIAL NOTICE: The Executive Committee of the LCMCS Board of Directors will meet on Monday, May 6 at 8:30am for the purpose of informally discussing Board of Director goals for the next school year.  The Committee does not attend to take any formal action at this meeting.  The meeting will take place at the “Red Apple” restaurant located at 28300 SE 282nd Ave, Boring, OR 97009.  If you are a member of the public and would like to observe this meeting, it is requested that you contact Brian Pasko at so that we can ensure that adequate seating is available.

The Lewis & Clark Montessori Charter School Board of Directors meets every third Thursday of the month at the school at 6 PM. All meetings are open to the public. We are bound by the State of Oregon’s Open Meeting Law and its Public Records Law.

LCMCS Board Meeting Agendas

LCMCS Board Meeting Minutes

Board Members have the primary responsibility for fulfillment of the school’s mission and are legally accountable for its operation.


The Board sets strategic goals, governs school policies and is fiscally responsible for assuring the school’s resources. The Board hires the Executive Director to develop the programs and execute the day-to-day school operation. The school’s Executive Director attends all Board meetings as an ex-officio member, reports on school operation and submits strategic recommendations.


Pam Harkin, Board Chair
Brian Pasko, Vice Chair
Matt Lee, Secretary
Mary Anne Sumpter, Treasurer
Julie Tomes, Director
Sara O’Brien, Director
Erik Israelsson, Director
Stephany Lo, Director
Courtney McWilliams, Executive Director/Ex-Officio Board Member

The Board has established the following advisory committees to assist in leadership of our school. Participation from our local and extended community is greatly encouraged.


Community Engagement Committee

Development Committee

Executive Committee

Facilities Committee

Finance Committee

Safety & Security Committee
Strategic Growth Committee

Q:  What does the board do in executive session?

A:  Pursuant to ORS 192.660, the board may discuss confidential matters in executive session, such as personnel, negotiations, litigation, expulsions, exempt records, and real estate transactions.  Board members cannot make decisions or vote in executive sessions. Executive sessions are not open to the public, and they are limited to specific topics and guidelines as defined by state statutes.


Q:  How are Board members compensated?

A:  School board members are elected officials and serve without pay or other compensation. Their service is voluntary, and they do not have offices in school buildings.


Q:  Are there ways I can express my views?

A:  Yes! To contact the Board for items within their scope, you may:

  • Call or write the school Board Chair:
  • Email the board as a whole:
  • Call the school’s office at (503) 427-0803
  • Call the school Board Chair directly at (503) 481-5190

Items within the School Board’s scope are outlined in the above sections.  Administrative functions or questions regarding day-to-day activities need to be addressed to the school directly at  Questions regarding a child’s educational experience need to be addressed to the Director of Education.


Q:  How can I speak at a Board meeting?

A:  Complete a written request, bring it with you to the Board meeting, and give it to the board secretary before the meeting is called to order.


The Chair will call on individuals to speak during the “Citizens Requests of the Board” portion of the meeting agenda.  Because these are meetings of the Board, however, guests will be asked to limit their comments to 3 minutes per person, for a maximum of 15 minutes for all speakers combined. Anyone can speak at a Board meeting, and written comments are also welcome.

For more information, please contact the Board Secretary at


Q:  How do I become a school Board member?

A:  Reach out to the Executive Committee with your interest at: