Battle of the Books!

The Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB) is a statewide voluntary reading motivation and comprehension program sponsored by the Oregon Association of School Libraries in conjunction with a Library Services and Technology Act grant.  Students in 3rd-12th grade, regardless of ability, are exposed to quality literature representing a variety of literary styles and viewpoints. Several…

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Parent Night Information

Elementary Parent Night is Tuesday, September 17th, 6-7 PM Children’s House/Montessori Foundation’s Parent Night is Thursday, September 19th, 6-7 PM This is your chance to see the school, visit your child’s classroom, and hear from their teachers. Get a privileged peek into the secret life of a Montessori child, and bring along all your insightful questions. …

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What’s the purpose of an all-school assembly?

Our first all-school assembly is coming up on September 27th. It will incorporate the “spirit of wisdom day,” which has been a tradition at Lewis and Clark and other Montessori Schools. Read more to learn about the purpose of our new “all-school” assembly and how things have changed a bit from previous years. The intention…

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A Third Grader’s Perspective

The school’s cafeteria food is super good. It’s super easy to make friends here. The teachers are super nice. You sometimes get journal time in some classes and it helps you plan out your day. And you get an unlimited choices of things to do but if you have at least three, then you’re good…

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We’re not going to lie!  Moving is overwhelming!  And WE NEED YOUR HELP! There’s a ton of work to do before we are able to invite students for the first day of school.  From moving boxes to painting to helping teachers organize their classrooms and more. Here’s your chance to complete your volunteer hours for…

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Now Accepting Pre-School Applications!

Lewis & Clark Montessori Charter School’s pre-school program is called “Children’s House.”  Specifically designed for 3 and 4-year-olds, this tuition-based program guides the growth and development of the whole child. Children’s House students will interact within the prepared classroom environment working at their own developmental learning pace while adhering to principles of grace, courtesy, and…

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Thanks for your Help!

Wow, we did it! We are so grateful for the scores of volunteers who helped us with the “Big Move!” The LCMCS community came together and moved more than 50,000 square feet of school in roughly 3 days! Thanks to everyone who helped move and pack, we finished ahead of schedule! We could not have done all…

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