The Silent Journey & Discovery

A hands-on parent education event for you to explore and learn about your child’s Montessori classroom experience at LCMCS. Friday, March 6th (6-8:15 pm) Saturday, March 7th (8:30am-12:30 pm) You can be a Montessori kid for a day! Explore the classroom academic environment and learn how to work with Montessori materials. Be part of a…

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by Scarlett Bowen (Celilo) When I found the salamander, it took me a second to see it because it was all brown and it blends in with its surroundings.  I first found it on the school sidewalk in the morning as I was walking to go inside from parent drop off. It was brown all…

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Classroom Ambassadors: Super Volunteers!

Did you know all our Primary through Older Elementary classrooms have a Classroom Ambassador?  Sometimes the Classroom Ambassador is a team of volunteers. Classroom Ambassadors volunteer to coordinate classroom help, class community activities and class participation in school wide events throughout the school year.  These super volunteers are classroom parent leaders.  They work directly with…

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Meriwether Fund Merriment!

The Meriwether Fund represents the biggest and most important part of our annual fundraising picture.  Many of our supporters join the Circle of Champions by giving monthly. This allows them to budget their monthly expenses and provides a dependable and vital source of funding for an organization they believe in. Your participation in the Meriwether…

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Music @ LCMCS

Every student at Lewis & Clark Montessori has the opportunity to participate in music education beyond their classroom including general music, choir, band, orchestra, and MAC creative expressions.  The LCMCS music staff provides an avenue to help build community through music by evoking enthusiastic participation of all students, primary through adolescent.  General Music: Once a…

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Last Unicorn Horn for Sale!

“Explore Art was fun,” said Porter (Mahonia). “I sold a lot of headbands but I didn’t sell my last unicorn horn.” “Explore Art had a generally good vibe and everyone seemed to be getting along and enjoying themselves,” recounted Reid (MAC) from I’ve Got My Eye On You Hats.  “A lot of people were interested…

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What is the CEC?

What is the CEC?  The Community Engagement Committee (CEC) is a committee of the LCMCS Board of Directors. Who is the CEC?  The CEC is YOU, the families at our school. A leadership team made up of at least 4 active volunteers keeps the CEC moving forward.  The CEC welcomes your involvement at any level.…

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