Annual Giving

Lewis & Clark Montessori Fundraising

All of our students experience a robust Montessori program daily. Well-trained and experienced staff, and beautiful, prepared environments tailored to your child’s growth and development fuel this experience. Of course, there is a cost to running such a special place.


As a non-profit organization and independent charter school, Lewis & Clark Montessori is supported by funds from our community and from the State of Oregon. State funds do not entirely cover the cost of delivering the best Montessori program for your children. Full engagement of our community in fundraising is necessary to sustain and improve our program. We ask you to join our team of donors in supporting Lewis & Clark Montessori annually.


Here are the three major ways to give:

Meriwether Fund (Annual Fund)

The Meriwether Fund is the lifeblood and largest share of our annual fundraising picture. All Meriwether donations directly support the operation of the school. Your support will help us raise $70,000 this year.


The Meriwether Fund is split into three different drives this year:

  1. Circle of Champions: our Monthly Giving Campaign – September 1 – June 30th
  2. Giving Tuesday: A Day of Giving – Tuesday, November 28th
  3. Spring Drive: wraps up our Meriwether fund giving – ends June 30th

Our Circle of Champions “Make It Monthly”. This helps families and individuals schedule a monthly donation to the Meriwether Fund and plan out their giving for the year.


Giving Tuesday celebrates generosity on one day by connecting to an international movement and gives our supporters the opportunity to take advantage of end of the tax year giving. Giving Tuesday and the Spring Drive focus on both monthly giving and single donations to the school.

Spring for Education Auction: 10th Anniversary Event

Our Spring for Education Auction is a fun and festive event celebrating and supporting Lewis & Clark Montessori. Wonderful food, small live and online auctions, a paddle raise and a raffle drawing are all part of this event. We are excited to host a great event this year and raise $50,000. You are invited to attend on Saturday, March 17th. 

Runraisers: Runtober (Fall) & Spring in Your Step (Spring)

Twice a year, all our students and staff join together in the fun of fundraising by getting fit while helping our school. Last year these two events raised over $30,000 for the school! This year Runtober will take place on Friday, October 7th and Spring in Our Step will take place on Friday, May 19th. Rain or shine, mark your calendars and join us in supporting our school. Help us meet our goal of $15,000 per event!


Please use this a a guide to plan how you can support and impact our students and school this year. Thank you for being a vital part of our community!


All donations to Lewis & Clark Montessori, a 501(c)3 organization, are fully tax deductible to the extent allowable by the law.

The Problem

Schools need money, it’s not a secret. Yet public education funds are shrinking, and schools in many districts are slashing programs to make their budgets work.


Music and arts programs get condensed or cut altogether. As do extracurricular activities like sport and science clubs. Even lunch and recess times are dwindling away.


All to make room for more class time for less money.


Despite careful planning, many schools’ programs are hurting; compromising the potential of our growing children.


At Lewis & Clark Montessori, we refuse to compromise on the elements that are necessary to healthy, thriving children.


In nine years, our enrollment increased by 500% to our current 380+ students. Additional expenses come with this level of growth.


Here’s the bottom line:

  • The market value of the Montessori education we offer is $9,000-12,000 per year.
  • It costs $7,200 to educate one child at Lewis & Clark Montessori for one year. Clearly, we do more with less.
  • This year, the Oregon Department of Education State Education Fund will contribute about $5,700 per child to our program.
  • Raising $1,500 for each of our 380+ enrolled students will bridge the gap and give our students the support they need to flourish.

With your generous contributions we will fully live our mission and…

  • Grow and develop our community of learners.
  • Expand our adolescent program to meet the needs of our community.
  • Refine and expand our programs to best serve our learners.
  • Give children the chance daily to reach their greatest potential.

Together, we will grow the leaders of tomorrow.


When you donate to the Meriwether Fund, you make the work we do possible.


You’re supporting a vibrant organization that accepts no shortcuts to creating the brightest possible future for our entire community and our world.


Thank you for making a difference!


Make a donation to The Meriwether Fund:


Please consider how you give to Lewis & Clark Montessori so 100% of your donation will reach us.

Four easy and fee free ways to give:

  • Personal Check or cash
  • ACH
    • we initiate an automatic withdrawal from your bank with your permission (Call us & we will help get you set up.)
  • Billpay
    • you initiate and set up online through your bank
  • Have a Capital One credit card?
    • Ask us about their fee free giving program

Other ways to give that include fees:

  • Paypal
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card

Make a bigger difference through Employer Matching.

  • If your employer offers a matching gift program to their employees, you can increase your impact.
  • Just ask your human resources department.

Questions about supporting your school?

  • Contact our Development Manager, Peter Jensen
  • Or just give us a call at 503-427-0803