The Montessori Foundation’s Classroom is unique to Lewis & Clark Montessori.  This classroom is for children who begin LCMCS at age 5 and who are new to the Montessori curriculum.  Because the Children’s House level lessons create a foundation upon which the elementary lessons are built, it is important that incoming students and their families have the gift of time to build this foundation.  This classroom allows children to remain for up to two years within a multi-age group to develop the underpinning skills which lead to a smooth transition into the Montessori elementary classrooms.

Besides the Children’s House level materials and lessons, the classroom contains beginning Elementary materials so that children can also receive some of the academic lessons that they would receive in their first year in the Lower Elementary classroom.  

While most children in the Montessori Foundations classroom will matriculate to a Lower Elementary classroom after their completion of their second year, some children may be invited to move to Lower Elementary as they show readiness for this progression.  This is a collaborative decision in which parental input is included. Enrollment in the Montessori Foundations Classroom is by lottery only. Please see curriculum examples of both Children’s House and Lower Elementary.