The Lewis and Clark Montessori Charter School offers academic programs at four levels, providing children a continuous curriculum of Montessori’s connected concepts.

Beginning at age 2 1/2 with our Children’s House and continuing through the Montessori Adolescent Corps to age 15, this holistic approach to education prepares your child to be independent, resilient, and confident. This is no different for our highly trained AMI certified teaching staff who as educators, are also lifelong learners.

From the beginning, students are taught how to be responsible members of a diverse community by learning respect and empathy for others.  This, in turn, leads to furthered skills of advocating and caring for oneself.

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Lewis & Clark Montessori Children’s House is a tuition-based program which guides the growth and development of the whole child. Montessori classrooms are designed to be uncluttered, self-contained environments that encourage investigation and creativity. The prepared Montessori environment, filled with beautiful hands-on learning materials, encourages students to grow in knowledge from the concrete to the abstract. We are proud to provide your child(ren) an opportunity for outstanding Montessori education in a safe, nurturing environment.


The Montessori Foundation’s Classroom is unique to Lewis & Clark Montessori.  This classroom is for children who begin LCMCS at age 5 and who are new to the Montessori curriculum.  Because the Children’s House level lessons create a foundation upon which the elementary lessons are built, it is important that incoming students and their families have the gift of time to build this foundation.  This classroom allows children to remain for up to two years within a multi-age group to develop the underpinning skills which lead to a smooth transition into the Montessori elementary classrooms.


Our Elementary Program includes two levels of traditional Montessori Elementary classrooms.  Lower Elementary serves 6 to 9-year-olds (Grades 1 – 3), while Upper Elementary consists of 9 to 12-year-olds (Grades 4 – 6).  Decision-making, problem-solving and social awareness are key components of the elementary experience. Elementary students are offered key lessons that invite them to explore the world around them from the farthest reaches of the cosmos to the smallest flower. Experiential materials continue to help the child explore the areas of geography, history, math, language, biology, geometry, music and Spanish.


The Montessori Adolescent Corps (MAC) program is the equivalent of “middle school” in a traditional public school environment. However, our Montessori program is uniquely designed to serve the developmental needs of this “middle school” age. Building upon the work of the Montessori Primary and Elementary levels, the character of the adolescent is actively recognized in a space where the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual environments are designed to support the growth of the emerging adult.