The Lewis & Clark Montessori School draws talented & dynamic individuals from diverse backgrounds. The staff bring a wealth of experience in classrooms & life to our students and community. Every day, they show their dedication to Montessori children and education in general through their tireless work on behalf of our students.

Our staff has a combined total experience of over 100 years in Montessori education and are led by AMI Montessori-trained administrators. Our teachers are all AMI Montessori-trained and Oregon licensed or Charter School Registered. In addition, most of our guides and administrators have Master’s degrees.

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Leadership Team

Photo of Steffan Dueling

Steffan Dueling

Assistant – Prairie Dog Home
Work Phone: (503) 427 – 0803


Steffan entered the world of Montessori at the age of three and has been a Lifelong Learner ever since. Originally from Omaha, NE (where he was AMS trained for all of Elementary) he moved to Oregon in 2014 to become a part of the LCMCS team. In the years since he has not only obtained his MEd from TIES in Montessori Integrated Learning but has offered his skills to most every corner of our K-8 program. He continues to follow the Guiding Hand of the Universe through his continuing Cosmic Education.

Administrative Team

Student Support Team

Children’s House & Montessori Foundations

Younger Elementary

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Auxilary Staff & Nutrition Services