Sep 27, 2019

Special Friday Edition!

Let's Go to the Movies!

Here's your chance to get a great deal on movie tickets and support our community! Season matinee passes at Mount Hood Theater are just $10 for 10 shows, including admission for your child and up to two adults! Click here to learn more!

Trails Extended!

We're sorry, but you can no longer use us as an excuse for showing up late to work! Effective Monday, the hours of our Trails Before/After school program will be extended! Morning Trails will operate from 6:45 to 8am. Afternoon Trails will extend from 3:30 pm to 6 pm. Thanks to everyone who responded to our survey, your input made a difference!

Join the Circus!

Speaking of after school activities, have you checked out the Community Learning Center page recently? There are all kinds of new activities from a volleyball club to knitting to circus performer training! Don't let your kids be the ones to miss out because you didn't click on this link!

Tighten up those Laces!

On October 18, be ready to experience Runtober! This is a special fundraiser that actively engages our entire student body and affirms healthy habits for our students and our school. Generosity, team spirit, and caring for yourself and others are lessons that will be learned by all. This event requires a lot of volunteer assistance. Click here to read more about Runtober and how you can participate!

Town Hall Report

Thank you to all of you who joined us for our first town hall meeting! We had a great conversation about playground safety, school diversity, volunteer needs, fundraising, school leadership, snacks, lunch preparation and more! And we hope you'll mark your calendars for our next town hall on November 17th at 6pm! Stay tuned for more information.

Small but Mighty

Now in its 6th season, our cross country team is by far the smallest team in our league. Size does not matter to us. Last week, one small in stature LCMCS runner, Sage Borschel, came in 1st overall out of a race field of over 150 middle school girls.

Afterward Sage said: "I felt small running at the front with all those bigger & taller 8th graders, but I was confident I could beat them." Congratulations Sage! This amazing feat has only happened one other time in our history when Braydon Lee did it last year in a boys race. 

Join the team! There's still time to sign up for our cross country team and ultimate frisbee club!

There's always work to be done at LCMCS and we are grateful to all of you who generously offer your time and talent! Here are a few of our most pressing volunteer needs. Click on the links below for more information!

Get on the Bus! We are still perfecting our bus drop off and pickup procedures and we could use some extra help from parent volunteers!

We need help with Boo Ball!  - Assistance is needed for advance planning and also on the day of the event. The "Boo Ball" is our annual community Halloween celebration and it's a ton of fun!

Help us run Runtober! Our fall "jog-a-thon" isn't just a fundraiser, it's an action-packed, all-school experience! Your help will make it a success!

Be sure to check our volunteer page regularly for an ongoing list of volunteer needs!


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